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 About Us

We are a small in home TICA and CFA registered cattery, located on a quiet property outside of our rural town in the midwest. We have always adored felines and decided to build upon our passion through the hobby breeding of scottish folds/straights & british shorhairs. Our cats are valued just as children in our home and treated with the utmost attention and care. Our adult parents are all FIV, FeLV, PKD and HCM negative, have been tested for all possible genetic issues, and are regularly examined by our trusted veterinarian. Our kittens receive the best care, socialization, play, and training before they are ready to be introduced to their new loving family and happy home!


Why Scottish Folds &  British Kitties?

     Our adult parents are all Scottish Fold or Straights, with genetic lines tying to the British Shorthair. They make wonderful indoor pets as they have very even temperments and are docile, quirky, calm, friendly, and sociable creatures. They are cherished for their round, teddy bear like faces with large adorable eyes to steal your heart. 

     We chose this breed not only for their beautiful appearances and great personalities; but because we wanted to ethically breed Scottish Folds in our part of the country. We have made sure to do thorough research in breeding, especially involving the fold mutation that causes the genetic trait that transfers to each litter. We take pride in responsibly breeding through adequate testing to make sure our kittens are healthy and ready for a long, happy life in a new loving home.

     We started this journey through a sort of grief rehabilitation, as we have struggled to conceive children of our own for many years now in our marriage. These cats are all beloved and admired as our children, and each litter of kittens is raised with nurturing love and support, just as any living thing deserves to have when they enter this world. We hope to find loving families who appreciate this breed and fur children just as much as we do in our home! 💗


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Itty-Bitty Hearts Cattery

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